Sgt. Peffers Italian Cafe

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After a week of gorging on turkey and all the associated trimmings and putting a ton of miles traveling between the various family celebrations, Mrs. Nom and I decided to be lazy and order out.  The junior Nom suggested pizza, so we started looking for a pizza place that we haven’t tried, but who offered more than just the usual slab of hot cheese and sauce. Needing a new place for a review, we settled on Sgt. Peffer’s Italian Cafe. A few years ago Sgt. Peffer’s opened a second location in the former Angelo’s Pizza in Millard, and I have always wondered how their pie compared to Angelo’s.  My parents were huge fans of Angelo’s and when they were purchased by Sgt Peffer’s we were sorely disappointed that we could no longer get the awesome Angelo’s Chicken Alfredo Pizza. We had kind of forgotten about Sgt. Peffer’s until tonight. Sgt. Peffer’s recently celebrated its 25th year of making pizzas in the Dundee area, and I have long heard praise from friends and coworkers who live in the Dundee area about the famous Sgt. Peffer’s sausage pizzas. I was willing to  give them a shot to see how they stacked up, especially if it meant I could skip cooking for the evening!

We ordered the Fab Four, the BLT and the classic Combo along with side salads. Ordering was quick and easy and most importantly accurate. The order was ready for pickup within 20 minutes after placing the call, right at the time quoted when we ordered. The pizzas were boxed and blazing hot, while the salads were bagged separately. The pizza was plenty hot so that we were able to get home and still enjoy a warm meal.

The Fab Four, a pizza featuring prosciutto, marinated mushrooms, black olives and artichokes with the signature red sauce and two types of cheese. The pan style crust was nicely baked, golden brown, soft with a bit of a chewy feel surrounding a thick layer of melted and browned cheese.  A generous pile of toppings were hidden under the cheese along with a nicely seasoned red sauce. The sauce is slightly sweet with a bit of heat and traditional Italian herbs. The sauce didn’t dominate the flavor as can sometimes happen with pizza, providing a nice tang to cut the richness of the cheese and crust. The marinated mushrooms tasted like they had been marinated in a vinaigrette, which complimented the artichokes and the briny black olives and salty rich prosciutto. The slices, thick and heavy with cheese and toppings, require both hands or a fork to eat as they tended to fold a bit when picked up.

The BLT is a white pizza featuring bacon, fresh tomato, mozzarella and alfredo sauce covered with shredded fresh lettuce. The crust was again golden brown and soft, with this crust feeling lighter and slightly less doughy. The bacon and tomato were sandwiched between a thick gooey layer of mozzarella and a creamy buttery aflredo sauce. The layer of shredded iceberg lettuce provided a bit of a crunch (I would expect the crunch and coolness would be greater if this wouldn’t have been a to go order which wilted the lettuce.) The combination of the buttery alfredo and the smokey bacon provided a flavor very reminiscent of the pizza’s name sake sandwich, but with a nice delicious addition of melty cheese. I really liked this pie and imagine that if it were fresh out of the oven with non take out wilted lettuce crunch, it would be a real home run!

We ordered the combo for the Junior Nom as he wanted something more than plain cheese, and the pepperoni and fresh mushrooms were a real draw for him (we have a strange 4 year old.) Throw on a a bit of beef, olives and onions and the red sauce from the Fab Four, and the combo was a fairly solid pizza. The cheese and toppings were once again generously piled on the pie, no skimping on toppings here! The combo received the Junior Nom seal approval, although he did think they had a bit too many olives.

Our side salads came packed in the typical to go Styrofoam package. I ordered a side salad with Sgt. Peffer’s homemade vinaigrette while Mrs. Nom tried the French dressing. The salad is made up of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, broccoli, shredded carrots and cucumber.  Also included in the salad is two baby carrots. Mrs. Nom’s salad came with a prepackaged packet of French dressing, which she felt was disappointing. My homemade vinaigrette was actually homemade, a traditional Italian vinaigrette with the herbs and spices, vinegar and oil, tangy and smooth. I felt it could use slightly more vinegar and a bit less oil, but overall it was acceptable.


Sgt. Peffer’s Italian Cafe Ratings:

Atmosphere: Not Applicable

Service: 4/5

Food Quality: 3/5

Taste: 3.5/5

Value: 2/5

Overall: 3/5 – Sgt. Peffer’s is a decent pizza place .  The pizza is good, with generous toppings and good flavors.  It was a bit pricey for the size of the pizza’s  (2 mediums and 1 small with salads came out to greater than $50.)  Service was fast and efficient.  Mrs. Nom and I will probably try it again and might suggest it to folks if they were looking for a local Omaha Pizza Chain.





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